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Please use the links below for our main product and information pages. Be sure to check out Fire Ant First Aid Cream which helps stop pustules from forming, relieves pain and itching and speeds the healing of ant and insect bites. It is an amazing product and all the new uses for it has led to the development of our BEEMU products which feature Propolis and Emu Oil. We offer a FREE SAMPLE of Fire Ant First Aid to retail businesses.

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    September 26-27 Alabama Beekeepers State Meeting, Clanton, AL

    October 2 Regular WBA Meeting

    October 4 Claybank Jamboree

    October 11 Papa Horton's Birthday

    October 18 Hillcrest Care Fair

    October 25 - Todd's Roadside Produce

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    Roslyn New-Horton

    September 2014

    Can I just say "I LOVE SEPTEMBER???" For me September marks the end of miserable hot summer and the beginning of sweet fall. Granted, the cooler temps generate a LOT of activity which seems to increase every year! In a lot of ways 2014 has brought a lot of "firsts".

    September one year ago I went to Prattville for three days of intense classroom study followed by a brutal test. I felt like I'd been worked over with a baseball bat and was sure I failed miserably. But I didn't, and became one of Alabama's first Certified Master Beekeepers under our new state program. This year I returned - not to study but to teach. It was still intense and I found myself jumping back and forth between rooms, subject material and projectors a lot. The program graduated five more Master Beekeepers this year which means our state has five more proven beekeepers who are qualified to teach and speak.

    Another couple of firsts are the new presentations I'll be doing at the Alabama Beekeepers Association meeting in a few days. After the great success of the First Responders class last year in Houston County, more beekeeper associations around the state are looking to serve their own communities in that manner, in no small part led by Master Beekeepers. To assist with that one of my classes will be Event Planning with the other being Indigenous Food Sources for Honeybees.

    And if that's not enough "firsts" the sweetest one was meeting Emma Jane, our newest grandchild. EJ came to us by adoption and we couldn't be happier or prouder to have this little treasure as our own.

    Here at home I've still got some extracting to do before buttoning all the hives up for winter. If the Farmer's Almanac is correct, we're in for a cool one indeed so I'm leaving plenty of honey on the hive for them. Indoors I've cranked up the candle factory again and am preparing to make another monster batch of creamed honey for the fall season.

    In July I announced a new product, Herbal Drawing Salve, and we've been so pleased with customer response to it. We have since added another product to the BEEMU line, thanks in no small part to our daughter who inspired it - Sore Nipple Cream for Nursing Mothers. If all goes as expected she'll need it when our first grandson is born next month. Granted, it's not something every one needs or can use, but for those who do, it can be a godsend.

    Farm-wise, our 2014 raspberries have exceeded all expectations, which means more plants are on order! It's truly been a pleasure to produce high quality, locally grown and chemical free products (like rhubarb as well) that can't be grown in the south. Just saying. Don't ever tell a native Oregonian that "you can't grow that here."

    And if you're keeping up with the canine side of Hortons Farm at triplesshepherds.com, our Mika just whelped five sweet black girls who will be the first of our AKC registered line. Frankie has a few more pups available as well. All of her babies are on the website.

    That's it for now. Thanks for stopping in and catching up with us. Stick around a little and explore the links to some of our stuff on this world wide web of stuff

    Till next time,

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